Masquerading Ubuntu Karmic as Windows 7

ok.  Before i start,….  This is about having only the look of windows 7 on a linux rig.  nothing more. If you might take any offence, then leave without reading any further.  And this is not a total convert, just the look of the desktop.

Ok.  So, Today, out of the blue, i had a day off.  I didn’t know what to do.  Was just looking around since last night.  Tried a few things here and there, then suddenly i chanced upon this piece of software called GnoMenu.  Which kinda rekindled memories, a few things from the past.  So once again, i decided to try to make the desktop look a little different from the usual plain jane default desktop.   I know this aint’t cool what i have done.  But, i kinda like it.

What did it do?  Well i set off to change the appearance of the desktop to that of similar to Windows 7.  And i can say i kinda achieved it mostly.  Except the windows and icons look and stuff.  But looking at the desktop is sure to confuse if it is a linux gig or wat…

Take a look and say how is it…

My laptop does not have those 3d thingis, so i had to stop with this, i tried to install the themes and stuff, but they kinda depend on emerald, compiz and others.  So I am happy with wat i achieved.  Later i found out some more of those how to do stuff, i liked one of those, though it did not work out for me, because of the above mentioned reason, may be it helps you.  Take a look here.

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