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OMG! My Web Cam works!

Wow!  Lucid did its first wow, and may be the only wow i suppose.  My web cam works.  now i can use every piece of hardware that is present in my laptop.  I can’t say that the problem was linux.  Actually the problem was my webcam, it did not come with drivers for linux.  some wise geeks out there, had tried and had developed drivers for this brand, which had 3 variants, and mine was stamped as the hopeless variant (Genesys Logic – gspca_gl860).  After a valiant effort by me and my friends for 3 days during February, we gave up saying it was impossible.  We made the system to recognize the webcam, but to make it work, to make it show the view, we weren’t able to.   I took a pic of me

First Pic with my Laptop WebCam in Linux.

I used Cheese to take this picture.  I know it is not that great.  but come on, my web cam is working……….

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