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“Create New” screen Mock Up

I hope you guys know of the Developer Competition which just recently ended up last week.  I had been developing an app for it.  But after seeing the previews on Friday Evening, i know one thing.  I don’t stand a chance of winning.  So, now i am going to do one thing which is the sensible thing.  The Standards have been raised, so now i have raise to that level.

The one thing which i was developing is an issue / bug tracker.  I have created a mock up for the issue creation screen, which i am going to sit thru and create today.  Thought i would put it up here, so i don’t have to refer for it anywhere else when required.

This is how the screen is going to look.  I am changing it to look like a wizard, making the user to go thru steps to collect the data regarding the issues.  I am still in confusion as to how to use put the step numbers, either as just numbers in a square box, or like the one which is drawn at the top, seperately.  Will put up a screen shot as soon as i am finished with it.,

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