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“Create New” Wizard in Tracker

Ha! Atlast, i just completed the screen design and the permissions, for the Wizard to submit a issue, in the application, as i had decided with the mockup. It is not too great, but yeah, that’s a great achievement for me. After having had to handle everyone in the world, i got to complete this., Wheeeeee! ok. i need to cool down. so this is it….

Yes!, The design has been done, and it is working good. No problems yet!, (coming to think of it, i have not yet submitted from the final screen. Wait, ok even that works). It flows good, moves from one screen to another normally, the help messages come up good. yeah everything fine, except the images loading times, coz the images have to come from my storage on the internet instead of from application, it is taking time. But other than that everything is fine.

Now i need to think of other ways to make the other screens in the application, interesting.

Something i noted in the product today, was that the deployment popup was retaining the Applicaiton Id and UserId for authentication most of the time, but yeah few times it was not there.  I don’t know why.  Have they implemented this feature, or is it Firefox playing tricks?!

2 thoughts on ““Create New” Wizard in Tracker

  1. No. it is not a firefox bug.

    These values are in javascript variables in each of the perspectives. So when you move from one perspective to another, the variables initialize to “null”. The variables needs to be moved to document scope to fix this problem.

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