The Review of mine and my colleagues has been postponed to wednesday!   Well,  i was kinda worried with what more i can do, and by evening, another idea appeared, which was kinda crazy, one question led to another, siva saying not possible, adhi saying no way, pavitha saying why doing all these nonsense, it is way more easy, in the midst of the chaos, it started to seem that, the crazy idea might be possible.  This can’t be disclosed as of now.  Siva was not sure if it can be done.

After nearly 3 hours with the paper mock ups and nothing leading nowhere, i decided to start with the first part.  after an hour and 22 minutes i saw the line.  The very first line which i saw when i started on this small adventure.  Yup!  it was right there in front of my eyes and i was searching for it for such a long time.

So now, I am sure, i can do this thing that i am planing, and if possible, i will do it by wednesday afternoon, so that i can show it up during the review, instead of the one that i am having now.

Since i have put tooooooo much suspense, i will give you this small clue.  Everything is a Form, I mean Everything…..  ok, that is not entierly true, i will use the other perspective’s also.

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