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How i stopped worrying and added a chart

Ok.. Now everything is over.  Ok, it was over last week itself.  I even got a iPod shuffle!  I will let you all see what i was talking about that night.


Nice isn’t it?!  Yeah, I know.  Many were not even wondering about how i got that ui.  (Seems they all know how to do it, it was not a secret afterall!).  They were only asking about the pie chart.  So lemme go about how i stopped worrying and added the chart.

Well actually it was not a big thing.  I used Google Charts for generating the chart image and then hooked it up into my form.  That is it.   Ok, i can understand you are starting to frown.  I will give you the details.    Basically i got all the details that i required for generating the charts using the DCOUNTA() function.  That is what appears in the right column above the chart.






Now i had got the url constructed for this chart using the CONCATENATE() function.

=CONCATENATE(“<img src=’×300&cht=p3&chco=93CE11|DF6800|FFEFCB|FF0000|CCCCCC&chd=t:”, B8,”,”,D8,”,”,F8,”,”,H8,”,”,J8,”&chdl=New|Open|Resolved|ReOpen|Verified&chdlp=b’ width=’200′ height=’300′ alt=” />”)

Ok, i had also added the HTML tags to display the image along with this… Sheeh!  is it that bad to bend a little, afterall how will i ever let the form know that the output of this an image, if am not going to add HTML img tag.

Click here to see the same chart which you are seeing in the screen shot.  You can look at the address bar to see the constructed URL.

You can find the explanation for the url parameters here.  If you find it too daunting to go thru and read all the info there, use the Chart Wizard to construct the url and then change the values with your field names or variables.

Have fun!

2 thoughts on “How i stopped worrying and added a chart

  1. Hi da,

    Good Try. Neat GUI. Is it possible to use tab along with this, the kinda repeating buttons New and Open makes the screen looks more occupied with buttons.

  2. Yes, Tab’s are possible. I was in a hurry to do this, that i was not able to properly correct the Font Size and width of the Status, that is why it looks like it is occupying more space.

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