For those of you who missed chennai #techmeet #chennaigeeks

After a late decision to attend techmeet last night, was feeling bad for a few of my friends who felt bad about having to miss it.  So i decided to help them the only way that i can,  record it.  So here i am posting the links to the files, for the general public as well.

Introduction of TechMeet by Dorait    Download [8.8mb]

Gist of Cloud by Dinesh Varadarajan   Part 1 [117mb],  Part 2 [12.7mb]

MongoDB by Vagmi Mudumbai   Part 1 [127.1mb],  Part 2 [81.6mb]

I hope the presentations too will be posted by the speakers.

Warning:  The audio quality is not that great.  (I was not in the right position, and my corby pro was a lill ill, and i really need to freshen up my memory on how to use Audacity).   Hearing on external speakers is ok.  But with headphones, may cause headache.  If some one could do some sort of cleanup, it would of great.

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