Working in software, after 2 years in Oil and Gas.  Before that i did Engineering specializing in Instrumentation and Control Systems from a now non existent place.

Though Gates is my Hero, i am more inclined towards Linux and Open Source.  You can read about my misadventures at work and home here.  Most of them are here as just a reference.  But it might be helpful for someone.  Though i am not an expert at anything,  i will try to answer if you do ask any, But don’t always expect me to give a straight answer.

I do code, to solve my own problems and also for the ones which might save the world.  PHP is my favorite.  At present, i mostly do thing in Python.  But i have done things using Java and C#.  But i don’t know any of these.

I am preparing my plans for World Domination (may not even execute it though!), so if you know of any interesting recipes, please share them.

And if you are thinking that you have read the title / subtitle of the blog and not able to remember where, those are lines from one of the greatest books ever, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Do let me know your views, and your feedbacks.

And…., thanks for dropping by…………