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How i stopped worrying and added a chart

Ok.. Now everything is over.  Ok, it was over last week itself.  I even got a iPod shuffle!  I will let you all see what i was talking about that night.


Nice isn’t it?!  Yeah, I know.  Many were not even wondering about how i got that ui.  (Seems they all know how to do it, it was not a secret afterall!).  They were only asking about the pie chart.  So lemme go about how i stopped worrying and added the chart.

Well actually it was not a big thing.  I used Google Charts for generating the chart image and then hooked it up into my form.  That is it.   Ok, i can understand you are starting to frown.  I will give you the details.    Basically i got all the details that i required for generating the charts using the DCOUNTA() function.  That is what appears in the right column above the chart.






Now i had got the url constructed for this chart using the CONCATENATE() function.

=CONCATENATE(“<img src=’×300&cht=p3&chco=93CE11|DF6800|FFEFCB|FF0000|CCCCCC&chd=t:”, B8,”,”,D8,”,”,F8,”,”,H8,”,”,J8,”&chdl=New|Open|Resolved|ReOpen|Verified&chdlp=b’ width=’200′ height=’300′ alt=” />”)

Ok, i had also added the HTML tags to display the image along with this… Sheeh!  is it that bad to bend a little, afterall how will i ever let the form know that the output of this an image, if am not going to add HTML img tag.

Click here to see the same chart which you are seeing in the screen shot.  You can look at the address bar to see the constructed URL.

You can find the explanation for the url parameters here.  If you find it too daunting to go thru and read all the info there, use the Chart Wizard to construct the url and then change the values with your field names or variables.

Have fun!

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“Create New” Wizard in Tracker

Ha! Atlast, i just completed the screen design and the permissions, for the Wizard to submit a issue, in the application, as i had decided with the mockup. It is not too great, but yeah, that’s a great achievement for me. After having had to handle everyone in the world, i got to complete this., Wheeeeee! ok. i need to cool down. so this is it….

Yes!, The design has been done, and it is working good. No problems yet!, (coming to think of it, i have not yet submitted from the final screen. Wait, ok even that works). It flows good, moves from one screen to another normally, the help messages come up good. yeah everything fine, except the images loading times, coz the images have to come from my storage on the internet instead of from application, it is taking time. But other than that everything is fine.

Now i need to think of other ways to make the other screens in the application, interesting.

Something i noted in the product today, was that the deployment popup was retaining the Applicaiton Id and UserId for authentication most of the time, but yeah few times it was not there.  I don’t know why.  Have they implemented this feature, or is it Firefox playing tricks?!

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“Create New” screen Mock Up

I hope you guys know of the Developer Competition which just recently ended up last week.  I had been developing an app for it.  But after seeing the previews on Friday Evening, i know one thing.  I don’t stand a chance of winning.  So, now i am going to do one thing which is the sensible thing.  The Standards have been raised, so now i have raise to that level.

The one thing which i was developing is an issue / bug tracker.  I have created a mock up for the issue creation screen, which i am going to sit thru and create today.  Thought i would put it up here, so i don’t have to refer for it anywhere else when required.

This is how the screen is going to look.  I am changing it to look like a wizard, making the user to go thru steps to collect the data regarding the issues.  I am still in confusion as to how to use put the step numbers, either as just numbers in a square box, or like the one which is drawn at the top, seperately.  Will put up a screen shot as soon as i am finished with it.,

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Microsoft Silverlight & Linux…….

It has been a long time since i wrote. Well it has been really a long time, stuck in the worst city Bangalore, then moving back. Being in there in certain things. Having a fifteen minutes of fame. Everything was there. I did miss writing here in blogger. Though there was twitter to write to, it is not fun. But a great way to say out ideas short and sweet.

Well, after a long time, and trying to figure a way out to make Linux my main os at work, i succeded last week… Yes! DimensioN Studio 2.4 started to work in linux, it took a little hard work to figure out which files were missing. With a little more help from winetricks, i did get it to work properly via wine. It was so much fun doing it. I was just happy that i need not have to move into windows anymore.

Then i just thought of giving the new browser based cloud product of ours a try from linux. But this darn Microsoft agains comes into frustrate me. Silverlight doesn’t seem to work with linux. and every attempt to make the new product work with Mono Moonlight also failed. It was frustrating to think that i have to login back to windows just to work with something which is browser based. This is not fair…..

Talk about microsoft and fairness, what am i talking? So i had to give the error messages and i was able to only hope that either mono team will release Moonlight 2.0 soon and it would be compatible with Silverlight 3.0, or our engineering team will make sure it will make changes to accomodate the moonlight too. But who knows….

The suddenly today when we were just discussing things, suddenly it turned towards the new product and linux compatibility. And My interviewer asked me why don’t you try with wine or whisky and run the windows version of browser and try to make it work. This was a nice idea. Firefox 3.5.3 was up in 5 minutes, but then again Silverlight decided to play bad. Everything i tried was in vain. Nothing worked. Now i have others in the race. It’s got to be me or the Engineering who should find a way out…. But if others find, that is also fine.

Why?! Why is it that at everyturn a new obstacle arises……