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Moonlight Vs Silverlight

I was down with fever today, so had a lot of freetime.  I was just roaming on the net and i remembered it was a long time since i checked on moonlight. I was counting on moonlight to make it possible to work our new product on linux. I went and saw that the latest beta release was 1.99.9. My guess is that this would be the last beta release. but i may be wrong. there could be 1.99.10. But the thing is our’s still does not run with the current beta release. I don’t think the guys in my office will not try to fix and make things work with moonlight. so if it works out of box with moonlight( a thought echoed by someone with whom i talked about this in my office) there is a chance.

I don’t know in what way i can contribute back. I ain’t an expert in coding. I can’t send feedback to mono team coz, i really don’t know if it is a issue with moonlight, or have the guys used something in someway that it works only with silverlight for now.  I really don’t know what i am going to do this time.

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Linux on Desktop

I have been using Linux since the days of mandrake 9. And i attempted a complete switch with the first Fedora Core, and achieved it with Fedora Core 5. But i still ran Windows, because of my work place. So once i bought a laptop, the first thing i did was to remove windows once and for all from the desktop pc in my house. I went with Mandriva 2008 for the home desktop, Initially people in my house, especially my dad was not comfortable with the switch, He has never used a computer other than the one at his workplace. He was accustomed to Internet Explorer and MS Outlook there.

The first switch was from Internet Explorer to Firefox. It seemed to him like a huge shock, that IE is not available. But gradually he started to use Fx. Now he is comfortable using it. Though he is finding it difficult to adjust to the tabbed interface, instead of switching from the taskbar.

Next it was Excel and Word. Two other things which he was using in his workplace. He was comfortable with Calc of OpenOffice, since he had used it in the home system back in 2007. But he did not know what to do with word. Then i introduced him to OpenOffice Writer. Now he is using it for his documents, he has never asked for any help in that.

Now he is pretty much using the desktop on his own. Even when i went on to update Mandriva2009 to Mandriva 2009.1 and it broke lightly he did not panic at having to look at a different screen, He had to Use IceWM instead of the default KDE4. He was at home. (Though i fixed it for him later).

The only complaint from him is that the computer is slow. The poor thing has only 256 MB of ram and it has been there for the past 5 years.

Yesterday, i happened to read one of the articles which i was pointed to in twitter. It was titled The Market has rejected Linux desktops

I was left thinking, i have heard the line this is the year of linux desktop or something every year. But it is still not there.. What Jason Hiner points out seems to be right… But,..

Lets leave out Google Chrome OS out of this. I am not here to talk about it’s linux base or anything related to Chrome.  It’s target is entirely different.

There are four points, four simple points which he is pointing out, (as he says, there are many more, but lets tackle those four points here first.).

It’s still too much of a pain:

i would like Mr Hiner to try to install the modem that i have in Windows XP, Vista or even in Windows 7. Let him give it a try. Windows is not the ultimate, and even mac will have to face it in some cases. It doesn’t seem to recognize the wireless and webcam in my laptop. And i have given hope to make it work. Every OS has its own problems. The reason for this one is that, the vendors do not take up to provide drivers for the different os’s or provide the specification so that someone can build a driver for it. So do not blame Linux for making pluggin devices a pain

The divide and fail strategy:

It is not as you think. Linux is basically about choices, Each distro has its own audience. You just can’t pull out Ubuntu Studio and use it as a desktop. It is made for audio / video professional. Well we do have Windows Home, Professional, Business, Ultimate, yada, yada, yada. nobody talks about, Whenever someone mentions Windows XP, 90% it is thought about as professional edition and not home or anyother flavour. But does a home user need Windows XP Professional. I don’t think so. does my dad need a Windows XP professional. No Windows Home would do. but why do they try to push professional when trying to buy one, is anybody’s guess. So it is again at the hands of vendors who have to be educated to allow them to help the customer to make a good decision. Or the users have to be educated. Try saying them that Home costs 3000 bucks and professional costs 7000 bucks, then they will try to know about different flavours of windows and get confused leading to divide and fail in windows too.

Not enough innovation:

I don’t think i can talk about this as i don’t much understand the things that are being talked here.

Businesses want someone to blame

Seems like he himself points out the answer. The leaders are afraid that the switch might cause a black mark or something of that sort on them if it backfires at some level. But i don’t think anyone would make the shift on a large scale. They would make a phased shift. maybe some 5% of a department would switch to it and start using it. if all goes well, then everyone can shift.

Incompatible software?!! this is puzzling, Coz anyone planning for a switch would have considered this before making a switch. If this was the case, then i will have to say that it really is a mistake on the part of the IT leader for not researching and planning the shift properly

As for pointing fingers to esacape, If you get support for your linux flavour from its corresponding vendor, unless you went for the free version, in which case you have to ask for support from your consultant, who helped you migrate, or the community.

All said,  There are some more too.  Like one of the users had said in the comments section,  There are not enough softwares to make it move mainstream.  His example was AutoCAD.  Well, this is also a point to consider.  Software makers say they are ready to put the resources to go ahead and get it working in Linux, if they can show the market (A manager in my workplace had said this to me).  And People who want to make the switch say they will when the software is available.  Well as he says it is same as chicken or egg problem.  Go thru the comments, there are many more like these…

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Microsoft Silverlight & Linux…….

It has been a long time since i wrote. Well it has been really a long time, stuck in the worst city Bangalore, then moving back. Being in there in certain things. Having a fifteen minutes of fame. Everything was there. I did miss writing here in blogger. Though there was twitter to write to, it is not fun. But a great way to say out ideas short and sweet.

Well, after a long time, and trying to figure a way out to make Linux my main os at work, i succeded last week… Yes! DimensioN Studio 2.4 started to work in linux, it took a little hard work to figure out which files were missing. With a little more help from winetricks, i did get it to work properly via wine. It was so much fun doing it. I was just happy that i need not have to move into windows anymore.

Then i just thought of giving the new browser based cloud product of ours a try from linux. But this darn Microsoft agains comes into frustrate me. Silverlight doesn’t seem to work with linux. and every attempt to make the new product work with Mono Moonlight also failed. It was frustrating to think that i have to login back to windows just to work with something which is browser based. This is not fair…..

Talk about microsoft and fairness, what am i talking? So i had to give the error messages and i was able to only hope that either mono team will release Moonlight 2.0 soon and it would be compatible with Silverlight 3.0, or our engineering team will make sure it will make changes to accomodate the moonlight too. But who knows….

The suddenly today when we were just discussing things, suddenly it turned towards the new product and linux compatibility. And My interviewer asked me why don’t you try with wine or whisky and run the windows version of browser and try to make it work. This was a nice idea. Firefox 3.5.3 was up in 5 minutes, but then again Silverlight decided to play bad. Everything i tried was in vain. Nothing worked. Now i have others in the race. It’s got to be me or the Engineering who should find a way out…. But if others find, that is also fine.

Why?! Why is it that at everyturn a new obstacle arises……

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Wine 1.0 and Dimension Studio 2.3

At last, a major release of wine, which stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator, came out last week, and it was available in the mandriva repositories yesterday morning. The first thing i did as i reached office yesterday was to install and then try to install and use Dimension Studio in Linux. Though it was a fairly easy cake walk with wine and Dimension Studio version 2.3 did work, and worked so cool. That i was just in awe!!,,, all the struggle for the past 7 months, the pain, the angst, everything vanished, at the sight of the progress bar progressing and the spreadsheet interface appearing. I was there like child with his new toy to play with, and doing all sorts of things….. The joy was not for long, coz when i tried it with the latest version of Dimension Studio 2.4 it was very similar to what has been happening for the past 6 months. Still i need to try once again with the 2.4 version.

The next big jolt came when i tried to install the Dimension Server 2.3 in Linux, coz i know the fact that it will work in linux, and i have done it once or twice in my house. But when i tried i was running into errors of all sorts unknown to me, i did try to change the JDK to sun JDK 1.5.0_14 instead of Open JDK 1.7.. still i couldn’t proceed the problem was that during installation MYSQL Tcp/Ip connectivity was disabled and myssql’s case sensitivity switch was on. which was causing problems, and i was running around without checking these facts for nearly 5 hours… How insulting!!!…..

Well that was it, for now though…. I will make dimension studio 2.4 and all subsequent releases to work with the help of wine, and switch over to linux. This is a promise i make………..

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Fedora 8 & Sun Java problems and Antelope

Ok, it is known fact i was hellbent on making this cool app for svn administration. But in the process of making this, i did make some cool findings which i forgot to share it, and on the way also set up the debian for sun jdk and ant 1.7.0 Kewl isn’t it.

anyway on way of completing this, i found a editor for ant build files, which can be used to execute the scripts from the editor itself. The name is Antelope. it seems to be cool. and itself being built on ant, seems wondeful. thought there are some issues, still it looks great.

and also i have installed Squirrel on the debian system.

Fedora seem to have problems with sun java. i had installed jdl 1.5.0_06, seems to create some problems all programs just seems to quit just at the point of creating GUI. seems like the java is conflicting or having problems with X display system, will try to identify and rectify, but am not finding time to do it.

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svn server

i am giving up for now. coz, i have run out or ideas to proceed further. I know the problem has to be with filepermissions or things like that… But still i am unable to find a way to make it work with apache. Well anyway, For now i am running it via svn:// method. Wednesday or may be later today i will go to office and try to set it up there. If i am unable to get it going with http access, then i will have to resort to svn:// there too. Hope i get it right there.

may be if i get any other bright ideas i will come back again to try. I am not putting this challenge an end. I am just taking a break.

Like how the Terminator would say: I´ll be Back…….

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Fedora and Work

Fedora though i finished the download 2 days back still i am yet to find a shop which sells a good DVD blanks. none here in the vicinity of my house or my office. what the hell am i to do. wait till i get my hands on one then we will proceed to play with it.

nothing interesting at office yet. still we are learning on our own. But hey we created ids in Skype. now though i had played with skype enough at my friends place i had never had a id in it. now i am supposed to have one, so i created one. and yesterday we set up one more system for us. but network connection is yet to be given to it, since we didn’t have cable for that. Well may be by next week we will have all sytems ready with everything.

with all these going on the alumini has taken a back seat, a complete backseat. I think i have to do something to finish it off in some way or other. something.

Well i will be meeting Gayathri this sunday, i don’t know the place and timing yet. and later my alumini team, to discuss how are we to take the work further.

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Fedora 7 & Stunt GP

Yesterday the Fedora 7 download finished. now i got to go buy a dvd, burn the image onto it and proceed to install it. i think it is time i revamped the whole os thing in the system. might be good to do some reinstalling now, windows seems to be having some problems. so well i think i will be having some busy time with the system.

I don’t know how much downtime i am gonna take, but rest assured after the reinstall everything would be perfect, except the imperfect windows. I just can’t guarantee anything with that.

The movie was good on Friday. nothing great though. You just can’t beat the good the bad the ugly or solo or memento or the usual suspects.

Well i think i will be getting a system today in office and which means no more sitting and chatting and gossiping, gotta read a lot.

well of i go now, will be back by evening to continue to system adventure.

Hey forgot to say, i finished downloading stunt gp also. the game was cool, bought back some old memories. games these days lack something which these games had.

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A front-end, in VC#, for Bluetooth on Linux

may be the title seems confusing to some i suppose,
what the hell am i doing with VC# i even don’t know C, C++
and thinking of which, how the hell to code for bluetooth communication,
Wat the f*** am i to design a front end
and i beg your pardon isn’t VC# is for windows?(god damn those MS fans)

Ladies ladies ladies, yes that is what i wish to call all those of you even if you had thought any one of the above sentences.

Man, this is me, the legendery me, ABA the GREAT, i can write in any language i want to even if i don’t know, but may take time. Second read the title properly i told about front end and not a new communication suite, and thirdly there is mono, which is very much equivalent to .net framework on which C# works. and mono is basically for linux.

Now all hail ABA the GREAT (shit!)

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Asp.net on Apache in Linux

.nET is a microsoft technology which is Platform independent, but only within the microsoft family, not everywhere. And Microsoft wanted it to stay that way only. ASP.nET is a web technology which belongs to .nET family, the only web server that can run asp.net is IIS (Internet Information Services). But now there came mono, which enabled the asp.net pages to be served from another web server APACHE. now asa apache comes into the screen, the great piece that follows in linux, coz apache was a native to linux, like how IIS is to windows similarly Apache is to linux. All these was done was somebody else, but to use it, i can’t go out find someone who provides this service and use it, come on, Being the Geek i am i have to do it on my own. and i did it, though i had installed everything a week ago, i still couldn’t use it to. the pages were served but plainly, without any content. and i just configured everything properly and now my apache server on fedora core 6 is now serving aspx pages like cooool….. well what do i say, lemme go and write some aspx pages for my asp.net apache server.