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Fedora 7 & Stunt GP

Yesterday the Fedora 7 download finished. now i got to go buy a dvd, burn the image onto it and proceed to install it. i think it is time i revamped the whole os thing in the system. might be good to do some reinstalling now, windows seems to be having some problems. so well i think i will be having some busy time with the system.

I don’t know how much downtime i am gonna take, but rest assured after the reinstall everything would be perfect, except the imperfect windows. I just can’t guarantee anything with that.

The movie was good on Friday. nothing great though. You just can’t beat the good the bad the ugly or solo or memento or the usual suspects.

Well i think i will be getting a system today in office and which means no more sitting and chatting and gossiping, gotta read a lot.

well of i go now, will be back by evening to continue to system adventure.

Hey forgot to say, i finished downloading stunt gp also. the game was cool, bought back some old memories. games these days lack something which these games had.