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OMG! My Web Cam works!

Wow!  Lucid did its first wow, and may be the only wow i suppose.  My web cam works.  now i can use every piece of hardware that is present in my laptop.  I can’t say that the problem was linux.  Actually the problem was my webcam, it did not come with drivers for linux.  some wise geeks out there, had tried and had developed drivers for this brand, which had 3 variants, and mine was stamped as the hopeless variant (Genesys Logic – gspca_gl860).  After a valiant effort by me and my friends for 3 days during February, we gave up saying it was impossible.  We made the system to recognize the webcam, but to make it work, to make it show the view, we weren’t able to.   I took a pic of me

First Pic with my Laptop WebCam in Linux.

I used Cheese to take this picture.  I know it is not that great.  but come on, my web cam is working……….

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Forgot Password [Pentaho Data Integration a.k.a kettle]

It’s been a long time since i wrote something about from my work.  You may say about the orangescape cloud entry,  that was more of a obsession.  ok this was one of the classic scenario which many may face.  Passwords.  For security purposes we store passwords in encrypted formats.  When using some other products the encryption and storage are out of our hands.

We Use Kettle for ETL purposes in our work.  and we connect to variety of databases, each with their own set of id and passwords (some times more than one, with different set of permissions).

one of the password policies is that the password has to be changed every 30 days or so.  Now after every time the password changes we have to go to kettle, and change the password of the corresponding connection.  It so happened, that we had missed to change the connection password in one of the repositories, and when the required Job ran it threw an error saying Invalid Id or Password, and nobody remembered the password.  We can request to reset the password, but that is a laborious process and the higher ups will not be happy to approve the request without creating some drama.  So i set about to find a way to find the password.

Note:  I am detailing this so that if anyone else is in such a situation they can use this to find the password.  Please don’t use this to steal passwords.

you will require access to the repository database.  Since kettle stores the database connection details in the database table.  query the table r_database to get the encrypted password.

select Name, Host_Name, Database_Name, Port, UserName, replace(password, ‘Encrypted ‘,”) as password from r_database where Name = ‘connection name‘;

copy the value of the password column. and pass it as a parameter to the function this will give you the password. This package has changed after 2.5.0 it seems.  it has changed to org.pentaho.di.core.encryption.Encr.decryptPassword(). I got this function only when searching the internet.  They i had searched for the corresponding function inside kettle.jar of 2.5.0.

i have done a sample transformation which you can use if you want to.  V2.5.0 V3.2.0

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Microsoft Silverlight & Linux…….

It has been a long time since i wrote. Well it has been really a long time, stuck in the worst city Bangalore, then moving back. Being in there in certain things. Having a fifteen minutes of fame. Everything was there. I did miss writing here in blogger. Though there was twitter to write to, it is not fun. But a great way to say out ideas short and sweet.

Well, after a long time, and trying to figure a way out to make Linux my main os at work, i succeded last week… Yes! DimensioN Studio 2.4 started to work in linux, it took a little hard work to figure out which files were missing. With a little more help from winetricks, i did get it to work properly via wine. It was so much fun doing it. I was just happy that i need not have to move into windows anymore.

Then i just thought of giving the new browser based cloud product of ours a try from linux. But this darn Microsoft agains comes into frustrate me. Silverlight doesn’t seem to work with linux. and every attempt to make the new product work with Mono Moonlight also failed. It was frustrating to think that i have to login back to windows just to work with something which is browser based. This is not fair…..

Talk about microsoft and fairness, what am i talking? So i had to give the error messages and i was able to only hope that either mono team will release Moonlight 2.0 soon and it would be compatible with Silverlight 3.0, or our engineering team will make sure it will make changes to accomodate the moonlight too. But who knows….

The suddenly today when we were just discussing things, suddenly it turned towards the new product and linux compatibility. And My interviewer asked me why don’t you try with wine or whisky and run the windows version of browser and try to make it work. This was a nice idea. Firefox 3.5.3 was up in 5 minutes, but then again Silverlight decided to play bad. Everything i tried was in vain. Nothing worked. Now i have others in the race. It’s got to be me or the Engineering who should find a way out…. But if others find, that is also fine.

Why?! Why is it that at everyturn a new obstacle arises……

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Multilevel Menus – ddlevelsmenu

Well, last time i had written that i was supposed to convert a menu from mouseover functionality to onclick. Somehow i had done it, to the satisfaction of whoever i had shown. I don’t know for whom i am doing this, but now i am happy.

The approach was same as everyother attempt at reading code. i have uploaded the js file which i had edited to achieve the desire effect. which you can take it from here. I thought it might be helpful to someone. The original script can be obtained from here (ddlevelsmenu). It works on mouse over, which i had converted to on click. This is a old version of the file that exist over there in their site, just make the same changes over there, to convert it into onclick.

I had commented whatever i had done which might help someone. If there are any unusual or wrong ways, just lemme know, so i can correct it.

The menu still lacks the ability to be on screen, when the mouse moves out of the menu. But it still has made the product a little more usable. That, is what is important. May be another day, another time, after learning Java Script i will make changes to overcome that problem tooo. or may be another version where i can combine both the functionalities with the change of a parameter or something…….

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Kino, KdenLive, OpenVideo Editior Vs M****S*** Windoze Movie Maker

After all these years of moving away from windows at every possible opportunity, last week, i had go back to windows. Video Editing is still not easy for a novice, or even to a slightly average user. (maybe i am wrong, i am writing what i faced).

We had shot some videos during the new year celebration in our office, and i was given the job of editing the video, add some subtitles, some title slides here and there, and such. I decided to give a try once more on linux. The last time i tried was in December of 2006, using LiVES on a Fedora Core 6 System, but i couldn’t spend time back then.. This time i set up Kino, KdenLive, OpenMovieEditor on my Laptop which was running mandriva 2009. I did not have to time to compile and set things up, else i could have even given a try for cinelerra, about which i heard some great things. For audio, i went with Audacity which i feel is the best.

Kino was cool. I just could understand what is what, but when trying to use it, i had trouble at exporting. something was not right, and system kept hanging or it would end up doing the wrong thing,(i know, kino just does what i ask it do, so i can’t put the blame on kino). KdenLive was also nice, the interface was interesting, and certain things were really nice, (i did not take time to note things down). But i ran into problem soon(may be i was ignorant to search the menus or google it). and Open Movie Editor just kinda freaked me out. ok i am not saying anything bad, but at the state that i was, i just kinda threw me out….

Since i was pressed for time, i had boot back to windows ( windows gets a point ), start up windows movie maker and start doing things. I can’t say Windows Movie Maker is the most coolest editor ever, i have seen sonic something when i was in college and some other stuff, which were really wonderful. Coming back, i am using the software nearly after 5 years, the last time i used it was to set up a video of all the still pictures which we shot during our Karnataka tour with a background music, so i can say i was not much of an expert at movie maker too. But i was able to start off immediately and proceed and finish the job in a day.

May be the fact that i have seen people use Movie Maker, may have unknowingly made me know that these things are there, and how to do those things and stuff.

I will have to live with it for some time, but i will have to find something or do something, so that i can and the others whom i have created interest in and those whom i have converted to linux can do video editing. I wish i could it sooner, or atleast some more time to check out any of the above mentioned tools.

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Damn Small Linux on VmWare

I have known DSL for a long time (say since mid 2005 ..).  But i had never thought of it as anything more than a os on a cd to be used when my system hiccups.

I am in delhi, and am void of access to any system sparing my office pc here.  and that to i can’t install anything on it.  So now me being far away from linux was sort of taking a toll on me.  so i decided to install linux on vmware as it was already there in my machine.

Initially i had tried to install it, though everything went smoothly, but it did not work or to be precise it did not boot into the newly installed system.  Then on further digging around i found it did not handle scsi disks so i had to set it to IDE.  I forgot where i had found the info, you will get it with a simple google.  i am too lazy to go around.  but it was inthe dsl forums.  That much i remember.

i will say what i had done.

First i had created a virtual IDE disk for 3 GB.
then after booting into the ISO, i went into terminal and became root.
now i ran cfdisk, and created two partitions 1 gb swap and rest as ext3 bootable.
then i started the installation with the command dsl-hdinstall.  and went ahead with the default at everyplace.

after 10 mins it was there.  i was asked to reboot and it went right into the hd boot.  now things were working fine.  Now i am planning to install jdk (which should not be a problem), mysql and then dimension, and take it for a test run…

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Dom Inspector – Customizing Blogger Theme / Layout/ Template

After a long time looking at others blogs with fancy themes / layouts, today i set out to get my self one different theme, which is not there in the blogger’s default layout set. Since the aim was to get something out of the bloggers default arsenal, i was just looking around for some fancy layouts. and even got thru so many which i just fell head over heels.. But, as soon as applied them, it just felt as though they were not there for my blog.

Then i decided to do something which i would normally not do. play around with the css info in the xml to fit my requirement. first i went around with a fancy theme, but i couldn’t make heads or toes of it.

Since now i had my mind bent on customising a theme for me, i decided to start with a ver simple theme, a minimalistic theme which would have just a background and display. i found one, i can’t remember, from where i took this.. This is the current one, which was named redplanet… I did like the base template but not the splash image which was there at the top below the title.

I started off with Bluefish to edit the xml, and get out with my customization. But somewhere down the line, i remembered kavitha’s saying, something about Dom Inspector in Firefox. Since I’m using IceWeasel in Debian, which is pretty much based on Firefox and is also similar to it, i chanced upon seeing weather it has dom inspector in it. I pressed Ctrl+Shift+I and, lo behold, there appeared Dom Inspector, it was pretty much simple, working with it. Editing the theme was nearly a piece of cake with this Dom Inspector. I had seen kavitha, Sumathi, Santhosh all playing with Dom Inspector for editing / customising look and feel at work, but this is the first time i have used it Dom Inspector. It was interesting to see such a powerful tool hidden away in a browser. I already had a strong belief, as firefox is the browser for developers, and one more reason in my arsenal to drive my point home.

Try using it.

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Wine 1.0 and Dimension Studio 2.3

At last, a major release of wine, which stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator, came out last week, and it was available in the mandriva repositories yesterday morning. The first thing i did as i reached office yesterday was to install and then try to install and use Dimension Studio in Linux. Though it was a fairly easy cake walk with wine and Dimension Studio version 2.3 did work, and worked so cool. That i was just in awe!!,,, all the struggle for the past 7 months, the pain, the angst, everything vanished, at the sight of the progress bar progressing and the spreadsheet interface appearing. I was there like child with his new toy to play with, and doing all sorts of things….. The joy was not for long, coz when i tried it with the latest version of Dimension Studio 2.4 it was very similar to what has been happening for the past 6 months. Still i need to try once again with the 2.4 version.

The next big jolt came when i tried to install the Dimension Server 2.3 in Linux, coz i know the fact that it will work in linux, and i have done it once or twice in my house. But when i tried i was running into errors of all sorts unknown to me, i did try to change the JDK to sun JDK 1.5.0_14 instead of Open JDK 1.7.. still i couldn’t proceed the problem was that during installation MYSQL Tcp/Ip connectivity was disabled and myssql’s case sensitivity switch was on. which was causing problems, and i was running around without checking these facts for nearly 5 hours… How insulting!!!…..

Well that was it, for now though…. I will make dimension studio 2.4 and all subsequent releases to work with the help of wine, and switch over to linux. This is a promise i make………..

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Fedora 8 & Sun Java problems and Antelope

Ok, it is known fact i was hellbent on making this cool app for svn administration. But in the process of making this, i did make some cool findings which i forgot to share it, and on the way also set up the debian for sun jdk and ant 1.7.0 Kewl isn’t it.

anyway on way of completing this, i found a editor for ant build files, which can be used to execute the scripts from the editor itself. The name is Antelope. it seems to be cool. and itself being built on ant, seems wondeful. thought there are some issues, still it looks great.

and also i have installed Squirrel on the debian system.

Fedora seem to have problems with sun java. i had installed jdl 1.5.0_06, seems to create some problems all programs just seems to quit just at the point of creating GUI. seems like the java is conflicting or having problems with X display system, will try to identify and rectify, but am not finding time to do it.

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A GUI to manage SVN

ok! atlast i did finish the GUI code which i was creating with ANT and PHP. and yes it is working fine. but the thing is, it is there for the configuration which i have used. i.e. Apache + SVN. also still the configuration is not that easy. you gotta edit the code to set the values like where the subversion.conf is located and stuff like that. and also this depends on both Java and PHP which is not that good, ( in my guess)…

So may be, in the next round, i will try to remove the php dependency and try to do everything with ANT…….

but till then this is it. The news is official. i have named it manageSVN. and it is currently in version 0.0.3. don’t ask me for any explanations. i haven’t formed any idea for versioning.

The immediate additions would be a mailing system to send mails to indicate the users that a repository has been created. and stuff like that. But soon i think i have to move to something else other than ant, coz ANT would localize this, meaning you gotta be there in the server to do it. so may be a web based system to administer, create, modify, backup the repositories, writing and backing up configurations, should be developed down the lane…