Birthday Alerts app [version 2]

When i wrote last time how i made the birthday alerts app , i wrote, how, because of a property of SLA, the data had to be entered at that time of the day when you want to receive on the desired day.  (I know i am being confusing because i am trying to say it all in one line, … Continue reading Birthday Alerts app [version 2]

Delete records along with Worktop count change

Well, well, well, sometimes, in your application you would have to delete your records because you created one request extra, or instead of raising a request in this you raised a request under another category. If the application is developed in Orangescape,  if you delete a record, the count in the worktop will not go … Continue reading Delete records along with Worktop count change

Birthday Alerts App

A few months back during a discussion in the office @JohnPrawyn was talking about some difficulty in doing a birthday alerts app using orangescape, (orangescapian's birthday alerts is his responsibility).  Then I just forgot about it. 2 days back,  i fell asleep while reading, and i had a dream about the implementation of the birthday app, … Continue reading Birthday Alerts App

A Ning Network + RSS Feeds + PHP cUrl + MySql + GAE -> WTF?!

We use Ning in our company for the developer community activities around our product.  We wanted to know if there are any topics on forums are unanswered, or what are the topics that were being discussed in the last week, or were any blogs written, and things like that.  To make it simple and easy … Continue reading A Ning Network + RSS Feeds + PHP cUrl + MySql + GAE -> WTF?!

Microsoft Silverlight & Linux…….

It has been a long time since i wrote. Well it has been really a long time, stuck in the worst city Bangalore, then moving back. Being in there in certain things. Having a fifteen minutes of fame. Everything was there. I did miss writing here in blogger. Though there was twitter to write to, … Continue reading Microsoft Silverlight & Linux…….

Multilevel Menus – ddlevelsmenu

Well, last time i had written that i was supposed to convert a menu from mouseover functionality to onclick. Somehow i had done it, to the satisfaction of whoever i had shown. I don't know for whom i am doing this, but now i am happy.The approach was same as everyother attempt at reading code. … Continue reading Multilevel Menus – ddlevelsmenu

Transfering data from one database to another

Hmm, Most of what i am going to say in this here, will be childish, but still.... DimensioN is built on top of JBOSS. It has some inbuilt functionality to export data from one database to another, with some rules associated with it. and that is great, But what it lacks is you cannot pick … Continue reading Transfering data from one database to another

Dom Inspector – Customizing Blogger Theme / Layout/ Template

After a long time looking at others blogs with fancy themes / layouts, today i set out to get my self one different theme, which is not there in the blogger's default layout set. Since the aim was to get something out of the bloggers default arsenal, i was just looking around for some fancy … Continue reading Dom Inspector – Customizing Blogger Theme / Layout/ Template