XMMS and Rockbox on Rokr E6

  What is the joy of hearing music, without it's ooh's and aah's.  my phone Moto Rokr E6, is good.  the sound quality is really cool.  but still, in the inbuilt real player, if u choose any equalizer settings, u cannot observe any change in sound, even with headphones the sound remains the same....  XMMS … Continue reading XMMS and Rockbox on Rokr E6

The iphone theme

  hmmm.  successfully installed the iphone theme  on my rokr e6 yesterday night.  took less than 3 minutes.  The anxiety was too high when i was doing this, and i could have bricked my phone, but i didn't.  Now the phone is working cool.  i had to install and use linloader and a good lin … Continue reading The iphone theme