Linux, Open Source, Rokr E6

XMMS and Rockbox on Rokr E6


What is the joy of hearing music, without it’s ooh’s and aah’s.  my phone Moto Rokr E6, is good.  the sound quality is really cool.  but still, in the inbuilt real player, if u choose any equalizer settings, u cannot observe any change in sound, even with headphones the sound remains the same…. 

XMMS a winamp clone for Linux has been ported or reworked for Moto Rokr E6 (ezx)…. this works on both E6 and A1200 (aka Ming)…..   the interface is cool, very similar to winamp…  the controls are also cool…. u even have skins…  and the best thing is the equalizer.  mannnn it rocks….

thought i am satisfied with the working on it entirely still i faced a small problem (it depends on the severity), i was unable to play 2 particular mp3 files with XMMS which i was able to play properly with real player and zmplayer.  now lemme ponder a little ova this, and see it i could find any reasons for it.  if i couldn’t i will go back to the trusted forums to get an answer………

Linux, Open Source, Rokr E6

The iphone theme


hmmm.  successfully installed the iphone theme  on my rokr e6 yesterday night.  took less than 3 minutes.  The anxiety was too high when i was doing this, and i could have bricked my phone, but i didn’t.  Now the phone is working cool. 

i had to install and use linloader and a good lin script to install the theme.

if any of u need the theme file, leave a comment and i will send it to u, coz i don’t have any place that does not expire with time…..

the procedure was simple.  extract the theme and take it to mmc card.  make sure there are no spaces in the folder name.  then long tap the iphone.lin file and run it with loader.  leave the phone as such for a minute till the installation is complete.  you will get a popup saying installation complete.  now switch off the phone now u will be able to see the iphone switch off screen. now switch on and voila, u have the iphone theme installed……

this worked for me, and i am not facing any problems….  still there is a easy and safe way,  that uses a theme installer, which u can find in mobile junkies forums.  you will have to register (free) to download….