How i stopped worrying and added a chart

Ok.. Now everything is over.  Ok, it was over last week itself.  I even got a iPod shuffle!  I will let you all see what i was talking about that night. Nice isn't it?!  Yeah, I know.  Many were not even wondering about how i got that ui.  (Seems they all know how to do … Continue reading How i stopped worrying and added a chart


The Review of mine and my colleagues has been postponed to wednesday!   Well,  i was kinda worried with what more i can do, and by evening, another idea appeared, which was kinda crazy, one question led to another, siva saying not possible, adhi saying no way, pavitha saying why doing all these nonsense, it … Continue reading Postponed!

“Create New” Wizard in Tracker

Ha! Atlast, i just completed the screen design and the permissions, for the Wizard to submit a issue, in the application, as i had decided with the mockup. It is not too great, but yeah, that's a great achievement for me. After having had to handle everyone in the world, i got to complete this., … Continue reading “Create New” Wizard in Tracker

ostechtalk Procedural Programming vs Rule based Programming

Every friday for the past month we have been having debates among the knowledge sharing teams in orangescape.  This last friday (24th Sept 2010) was ours.  The debate topic was Procedural programming vs Rule Engine based programming.  Me & @sivaacbe represented Procedural programming.  @balajivg and @vimalkumar_v represented Ruled Based Programming.   The essence of what we (Procedural Programming) … Continue reading ostechtalk Procedural Programming vs Rule based Programming

AutoStart TweetDeck during System Startup

i was cleaning up my laptop today.  Totally cleared of everything from it and did a fresh install of Ubuntu. Played around with Gwibber, but somehow did not like it.  Couldn't see it working 20 minutes after configuring and logging.  It was showing only one direct message which i had recieved 2 days back.  so … Continue reading AutoStart TweetDeck during System Startup

Chrome Crash2

My woes with Chrome Unstable build still continues.  I tried opening it after installation it crashes again.  I tried to open it again from terminal and i got this output, anyone there who can understand this. anbarasan@anbarasan-laptop:~$ google-chrome [31492:31517:5214051937:FATAL:chrome/browser/sync/syncable/] Check failed: SQLITE_DONE == query_result. --2010-05-01 18:48:55-- Resolving Connecting to||:443... connected. HTTP … Continue reading Chrome Crash2