GlassFish v2.1.1 & Custom Error Messages

There are times when you might want to enable custom exotic jazzy error messages instead of the boring 404 or 500 messages. It can be due to various reasons. Security, to avoid scarring the users, etc., You can enable custom error messages either server wide (all applications in a server) or only to a specific … Continue reading GlassFish v2.1.1 & Custom Error Messages

OMG! My Web Cam works!

Wow!  Lucid did its first wow, and may be the only wow i suppose.  My web cam works.  now i can use every piece of hardware that is present in my laptop.  I can't say that the problem was linux.  Actually the problem was my webcam, it did not come with drivers for linux.  some … Continue reading OMG! My Web Cam works!

Firefox keeps prompting for Proxy Authentication

I have been facing this for a long time since 3.5. something.  Even after upgrading to 3.6 it continues.  Firefox would keep on asking for proxy authentication even though i had given the id and password and even it remembers.  But it will always ask for the id and password.  Today looked around to find … Continue reading Firefox keeps prompting for Proxy Authentication

AutoStart Guake during System Startup

Well, all those who love to use terminal or are in need of using terminal frequently, would know about Guake,  which bring terminal with a touch of a button.  But the thing is after it is installed, it does not start up automatically during system startup.  It was a bit frustrating for me, I searched … Continue reading AutoStart Guake during System Startup

Dom Inspector – Customizing Blogger Theme / Layout/ Template

After a long time looking at others blogs with fancy themes / layouts, today i set out to get my self one different theme, which is not there in the blogger's default layout set. Since the aim was to get something out of the bloggers default arsenal, i was just looking around for some fancy … Continue reading Dom Inspector – Customizing Blogger Theme / Layout/ Template