Windows as a Guest on a Linux (ubuntu) host

After having been through all those days of triple boot and quadruple boot systems, i am coming back to a single boot machine now.  This time with my work laptop with Ubuntu as the main and the only OS.  Since i knew i could never complete that dream of running everything from linux in my work place … Continue reading Windows as a Guest on a Linux (ubuntu) host

Orangescape Studio

I have been trying for a complete switch to Linux in my laptop for a long time.  Though i achieved it for my desktop in home, Every time i get a plan to switch to linux, the Engg dept comes up with a new version which makes me to wait some more. But with WINE … Continue reading Orangescape Studio

connecting to database from ant via jndi

This is a refernce to me. There is a problem with the environments of our client.  Our product (for the matter any other product) works slow in there servers.  So to speed up certain operations to enable the users to work comfortably, we decided to use ant to execute sql queries on the backend.  But … Continue reading connecting to database from ant via jndi

Securing your DimensioN Portal – enabling https

I had to do this for one of the clients. This is the procedure which i followed. It was a real headache. Got into some difficulties and then found out things and stuff. I am writing down the exact procedure which i had followed, during development time, and during the setting up of the server … Continue reading Securing your DimensioN Portal – enabling https

Multilevel Menus – ddlevelsmenu

Well, last time i had written that i was supposed to convert a menu from mouseover functionality to onclick. Somehow i had done it, to the satisfaction of whoever i had shown. I don't know for whom i am doing this, but now i am happy.The approach was same as everyother attempt at reading code. … Continue reading Multilevel Menus – ddlevelsmenu

Wine 1.0 and Dimension Studio 2.3

At last, a major release of wine, which stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator, came out last week, and it was available in the mandriva repositories yesterday morning. The first thing i did as i reached office yesterday was to install and then try to install and use Dimension Studio in Linux. Though it … Continue reading Wine 1.0 and Dimension Studio 2.3