customising gdm

I sure have to say though the system is working cool, i did not like the gdm.  I have previously used gdm themes back the time when i was using Debian Lenny.  The login screen would look beautiful.  So i wanted to try customising gdm.  A quick google search revealed that it cannot be themed.  But can be customized a little like the background.  so i decided to go ahead and change the wallpaper.  so went to the terminal and typed.

sudo -u gdm dbus-launch gnome-appearance-properties

which opened the display properties of the gdm user.  I got this from ubuntuforums.  There i changed the wallpaper.  and the next time i rebooted it was beautiful.  But logging in was a pain.  And the overall system performance was down.  The time it took to reach the desktop was around 4 minutes instead of the usual 30 – 40 seconds max.  I couldn’t understand.  Later some more googling revealed similar problems to many others.  So i decided to revert back to the default screen.  But when i went to the display properties, that screen was not there.  since i could not find it anywhere, (i don’t know where it was), i decided to give a skip to the wallpaper all together by choosing a solid color.  and surprise, the system was even more faster than before around 5- 10 seconds faster.  Though it doesn’t make a big difference to me.  the disappointment was that i cannot have a beautiful login screen without a hit in the performance.  Will this be fixed in the future?  will the next Gnome release have theme abilities for gdm? we’ll have to wait and see.

There was a side effect for trying this out.  (both from console ctrl+alt+F1 and in Terminal as a user).  A small icon for Universal Access Preferences was there in the bar near the time.  Which was annoying.  you cannot right click on it.  If you click on it, it opens Universal Access Preferences window, which also is not having any options to turn it off.

Turns out this is a long pending issue since past 3 or 4 releases.  I can’t think of a reason as to why it was not taken care off.  The way to turn it off is by going to System -> Preferences -> Assistive Technologies.  Click the Keyboard Accessibility button, then remove the tick on “Accesibility features can be toggled with keyboard shortcuts”.  If not ticked, tick it and then remove the tick, then close both windows.  That should do the trick.  I found this here