Installing Ingres….

I was little unwell last week and before, and not being able to do the work i was doing, i was moving around the office, When Balaji asked me to help him to install linux.  Being Me, i asked why you want to install Linux?  He said, he had to test if the enterprise version … Continue reading Installing Ingres….

Windows as a Guest on a Linux (ubuntu) host

After having been through all those days of triple boot and quadruple boot systems, i am coming back to a single boot machine now.  This time with my work laptop with Ubuntu as the main and the only OS.  Since i knew i could never complete that dream of running everything from linux in my work place … Continue reading Windows as a Guest on a Linux (ubuntu) host

AutoStart TweetDeck during System Startup

i was cleaning up my laptop today.  Totally cleared of everything from it and did a fresh install of Ubuntu. Played around with Gwibber, but somehow did not like it.  Couldn't see it working 20 minutes after configuring and logging.  It was showing only one direct message which i had recieved 2 days back.  so … Continue reading AutoStart TweetDeck during System Startup

Chrome Crash2

My woes with Chrome Unstable build still continues.  I tried opening it after installation it crashes again.  I tried to open it again from terminal and i got this output, anyone there who can understand this. anbarasan@anbarasan-laptop:~$ google-chrome [31492:31517:5214051937:FATAL:chrome/browser/sync/syncable/] Check failed: SQLITE_DONE == query_result. --2010-05-01 18:48:55-- Resolving Connecting to||:443... connected. HTTP … Continue reading Chrome Crash2

Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Lucid is released today,  and i am gonna upgrade.  i just booted in to Karmic.  writing this as i am preparing for upgrading.  This is gonna be my second time doing an upgrade.  Am yet to do a successful upgrade.  The last time i did an upgrade was from Mandriva 2008 Spring to Mandriva 2009, which ended … Continue reading Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

AutoStart Guake during System Startup

Well, all those who love to use terminal or are in need of using terminal frequently, would know about Guake,  which bring terminal with a touch of a button.  But the thing is after it is installed, it does not start up automatically during system startup.  It was a bit frustrating for me, I searched … Continue reading AutoStart Guake during System Startup