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Kino, KdenLive, OpenVideo Editior Vs M****S*** Windoze Movie Maker

After all these years of moving away from windows at every possible opportunity, last week, i had go back to windows. Video Editing is still not easy for a novice, or even to a slightly average user. (maybe i am wrong, i am writing what i faced).

We had shot some videos during the new year celebration in our office, and i was given the job of editing the video, add some subtitles, some title slides here and there, and such. I decided to give a try once more on linux. The last time i tried was in December of 2006, using LiVES on a Fedora Core 6 System, but i couldn’t spend time back then.. This time i set up Kino, KdenLive, OpenMovieEditor on my Laptop which was running mandriva 2009. I did not have to time to compile and set things up, else i could have even given a try for cinelerra, about which i heard some great things. For audio, i went with Audacity which i feel is the best.

Kino was cool. I just could understand what is what, but when trying to use it, i had trouble at exporting. something was not right, and system kept hanging or it would end up doing the wrong thing,(i know, kino just does what i ask it do, so i can’t put the blame on kino). KdenLive was also nice, the interface was interesting, and certain things were really nice, (i did not take time to note things down). But i ran into problem soon(may be i was ignorant to search the menus or google it). and Open Movie Editor just kinda freaked me out. ok i am not saying anything bad, but at the state that i was, i just kinda threw me out….

Since i was pressed for time, i had boot back to windows ( windows gets a point ), start up windows movie maker and start doing things. I can’t say Windows Movie Maker is the most coolest editor ever, i have seen sonic something when i was in college and some other stuff, which were really wonderful. Coming back, i am using the software nearly after 5 years, the last time i used it was to set up a video of all the still pictures which we shot during our Karnataka tour with a background music, so i can say i was not much of an expert at movie maker too. But i was able to start off immediately and proceed and finish the job in a day.

May be the fact that i have seen people use Movie Maker, may have unknowingly made me know that these things are there, and how to do those things and stuff.

I will have to live with it for some time, but i will have to find something or do something, so that i can and the others whom i have created interest in and those whom i have converted to linux can do video editing. I wish i could it sooner, or atleast some more time to check out any of the above mentioned tools.