GlassFish v2.1.1 & Custom Error Messages

There are times when you might want to enable custom exotic jazzy error messages instead of the boring 404 or 500 messages. It can be due to various reasons. Security, to avoid scarring the users, etc., You can enable custom error messages either server wide (all applications in a server) or only to a specific … Continue reading GlassFish v2.1.1 & Custom Error Messages

Belling the Cat (or) How i made OrangeScape to tango with Tomcat

A month or two ago, a few colleagues of mine, wanted to run OrangeScape in Tomcat for their local testing,   just because they didn't like jboss and run it.  I wanted them to run through the internet and do it by themselves, so i can chance upon and see if anyone is up there … Continue reading Belling the Cat (or) How i made OrangeScape to tango with Tomcat

User Management via SQL for OrangeScape Applications

User Management, is one of the new functionalities available in OrangeScape Applications created after the late september release. For those applications which were created before that release, during migration, the required fields would have been created. But, the developers will have to make the additional changes like, process, forms by going thru the User Management … Continue reading User Management via SQL for OrangeScape Applications

Delete records along with Worktop count change

Well, well, well, sometimes, in your application you would have to delete your records because you created one request extra, or instead of raising a request in this you raised a request under another category. If the application is developed in Orangescape,  if you delete a record, the count in the worktop will not go … Continue reading Delete records along with Worktop count change

Birthday Alerts App

A few months back during a discussion in the office @JohnPrawyn was talking about some difficulty in doing a birthday alerts app using orangescape, (orangescapian's birthday alerts is his responsibility).  Then I just forgot about it. 2 days back,  i fell asleep while reading, and i had a dream about the implementation of the birthday app, … Continue reading Birthday Alerts App

“Create New” Wizard in Tracker

Ha! Atlast, i just completed the screen design and the permissions, for the Wizard to submit a issue, in the application, as i had decided with the mockup. It is not too great, but yeah, that's a great achievement for me. After having had to handle everyone in the world, i got to complete this., … Continue reading “Create New” Wizard in Tracker