AutoStart TweetDeck during System Startup

i was cleaning up my laptop today.  Totally cleared of everything from it and did a fresh install of Ubuntu. Played around with Gwibber, but somehow did not like it.  Couldn't see it working 20 minutes after configuring and logging.  It was showing only one direct message which i had recieved 2 days back.  so … Continue reading AutoStart TweetDeck during System Startup

OMG! My Web Cam works!

Wow!  Lucid did its first wow, and may be the only wow i suppose.  My web cam works.  now i can use every piece of hardware that is present in my laptop.  I can't say that the problem was linux.  Actually the problem was my webcam, it did not come with drivers for linux.  some … Continue reading OMG! My Web Cam works!

Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Lucid is released today,  and i am gonna upgrade.  i just booted in to Karmic.  writing this as i am preparing for upgrading.  This is gonna be my second time doing an upgrade.  Am yet to do a successful upgrade.  The last time i did an upgrade was from Mandriva 2008 Spring to Mandriva 2009, which ended … Continue reading Upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Voice Chat + Microphone + Sound recorder

Yesterday! I was starting to get some shut eye in the evening when my uncle (dad's brother aka Prof.) called.  It was the usual how are you, where are you, what are you doing call.  Suddenly, his daughter (she want's to be an astronaut.) and her younger sister (we call her scientist, coz she wears … Continue reading Voice Chat + Microphone + Sound recorder