An improved Desktop…..

Like i had said in the previous post, i installed xfce or xubuntu-desktop.  First i installed it in my laptop, and played around.  it was nice, Though i couldn’t find any difference in performance in my laptop (core 2 duo, 2 GB of Ram).  It was slightly different and interesting.  But after around an hour or so, i was stuck with my first 2 issues.

  1. My USB Hard drive / flash drives were not getting automatically mounted as in Gnome.
  2. In VLC i was not able to access the Playlist window or the Equalizer window when playing a movie.

I did check both right then and there by logging out and then logging back into GNOME.  There they worked.  i don’t know why.  But anyway other than these two i did not find anything else out of place or a reason to cause trouble when others in house would use it.  So i decided to get it into my desktop machine.

Well, i was expecting at least some improvement in the experience.  But it was still same as GNOME, slow and sluggish.  I couldn’t understand, how come?!!  there’s got to be at least some improvement.  Since the whole effort was down the drain, i decided to go ahead with the next logical step, to see if any unwanted things were running in the background.  I noticed GUAKE and Evolution alarm something running, which we never use.  so i switched them off from starting up during startup.  I went to

System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications

and unchecked the check box for the two applications.  and restarted the system.  Wow.  now the system was responsive.  so it had been GUAKE auto start which was causing the sluggish desktop.  well, now i can use the Desktop without having to worry about long wait times. atleast not 10 – 12 seconds…..


researching xfce…

Dad has started to complain that the system’s responsiveness is becoming less and less day by day. (you load junk, then it is sure to go down).  Well any way,  Now how can i make it responsive, i mean i have to wait atleast 6 – 7 secs for firefox or chrome to open, and the system appears to have frozen during that time, now image if i have to open openoffice writer, it will take another 10 – 15 secs.  and running multiple tabs and switching between, you can go out have coffee and come back.  You wanna play cafeworld or farmville, i pray for all blessing, coz it’s gonna sleep.  So i have decided to push xfce as the UI to dad.  I know he will be a little hesitant, but he would accept if the system performs well.  I don’t know why he was not liking xfce.  i have researched for the past two days and have hit upon a few links which i am going to use as  the base and give it a try to install.  First on my laptop and then on the Desktop.  Will get back after installing.